The Wealdstone Youth Workshop is made up of six young people from the local area, brought together by regeneration agency Spacemakers. They were paid a stipend for taking part, and will receive royalties for each leg sold.

The project aims to give the youth agency over the regeneration of their community, provide access to an industry that doesn’t currently exist in Wealdstone, and help change perceptions of both young people in the community and Wealdstone itself.

The youth are:

Esther Calinawan lives in Northwick Park Avenue. Esther is interested in the industrial heritage of Wealdstone, and wants to pursue a career in architecture. She’s now studying architecture at the University of Westminster.

Leo Harrison lives a stone’s throw from the site of Wealdstone Square. Leo is interested in furniture design, and in incorporating more greenery into the urban environment. He’s hoping to study Mechanical Design Engineering at university.

Kayleigh Littlemore lives in Harrow Weald. Kayleigh set up a youth organisation for the area, and provides strong local knowledge. She’s now studying history at the University of Southampton.

Marina Marbella lives in Rayners Lane, Harrow. Marina wanted to design something creative that could encourage people to better look after the local area. She’s hoping to study Industrial Design at university.

Marius Dinu lives in Kenton, Harrow. Marius moved to the UK from Romania three years ago. He studies architecture and product design at Harrow College, and is intending to study architecture next year.

Tanya Galia lives in South Harrow. Tanya brought a wide variety of subjects to the workshop: art, music and classics. She would like to study art at university. Her problem with Wealdstone is the litter.